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Gokseong Melon (Melon Village)

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Gokseong Melon (Melon Village)


│ Description │ 

Gokseong Melon, as a typical fruit vegetable, has been cultivated at the riverside of Seomjin in the South of Cheolla Province with optimum natural environment of fresh air, clean water, organic soil and sunlight, through which fruit has high sugar content, strong flavor, soft flesh, as well as good reputations from many consumers in and out of Korea.
Particularly, muskmelon has a strong natural flavor and more than 13 brix of sugar content due to the growers strict control of quality in accordance with the standard and GAP certification. 

along the Seomjin River, the sun shines on an environment consisting of fresh air, clean water, and soil full of rich organic nutrients.
This is the perfect setting for the growth of Gokseong musk melons that are very sweet in taste and scent. These melons are premier exports from the Jeollanam-do region, sought after by consumers in many countries who value their unique characteristics.
- spec: 8kg/Box (3EA, 4EA, 5EA, 6EA)
- More than 13 Brix, high-quality premium melon in Korea


 │ Characteristics of Gokseong melons │ 

  • Clean water and air along the banks of Sumjin river
  • Soil rich with organic matters
  • Abundant sunshine thanks to an inland climate
  • An inland climate with 24.8°C of a yearly temperature range
    (The average temperature is -0.5°C in January; 24.3°C in August; and 13.6°C throughout the year)
  • A huge daily temperature range due to a topographic feature as a basin surrounded by heals.
  • Gokseong area has advantageous climate conditions beneficial to the production of melons thanks to a huge daily temperature range caused by an inland climate.


 │ Quality and features of Gokseong melons │ 

  • High quality earth melon that can resist intense heat, frost, and diseases
  • Outstanding appearance with thick and stable nets
  • A ball-like shape that weighs at least 1.5 kg and above
  • High quality melons with light gray color.
  • Constantly maintains 13 to 15 points of sugar content on the brix scale
  • Yellowish green pulp that is thick and taste excellent.
  • Soft pulp that gives off strong fragrance.

 │ Superiority of Gokseong melons │ 

  • Gokseong melons are produced under strict quality control and specific grading system
    - The melon breed grown in Gokseong area is high quality netted melons of earth melons.
  • Gokseong melons have rich fragrance unique to melons.
    - Unique fragrance of melons: musk-scent from carotenes
    - Gokseong melons are highly appraised both for their quality and fragrance in Japan where the fragrance of melons are weighed heavily.
    - Carotenes are normally created in areas where there are huge daily temperature ranges.
    - The unique scent of melons cannot be artificially controlled in the course of cultivation.
  • The key to determining the taste of fruits is the sugar content and fragrance, and is closely related to climatic conditions of the cultivation area.
    - Huge daily temperature range
    - Great amount of sunshine
  • Produce melons based on 'one melon per a vine' technology.
    - Produce melons with soft pulp and high sugar content

 │ Gokseong melons Analysis of components │ 

Classification calorie moisture protein lipid carbohydrate
kg g
earth 38 88.2 1.4 0.1 9.1 0.4
white 36 89.1 0.7 0.1 9.2 0.4
ash content matter
calcium phosphorus iron sodium potassium
0.8 7 43 0.5 13 374
0.5 3 21 0.5 10 290
carotene B1 B2 niacin C
re µg  
3 18 0.08 0.03 0.8 22
0 0 0.03 0.01 0.4 15

Source of information: Rural Development Administration, Rural Life Research Center, Food ingredients chart

│ Gokseong melons Cultivation status (As of 2011) │

Eup(town) Number of
Hectares of
Amount of
Gokseong-eup 198 92.1 2,830
Ogok-myun 49 38.1 1,081
Godal-myun 75 31.6 774
Okgwa-myun 21 8.5 216
Ip-myun 37 10.8 383
Sum 380 181.1 5,284

 │ Effect │ 

  • Has extremely high sugar content
  • Rich with Iron, niacin, vitamin A, and Vitamin C that have high antioxidative effects.
    - Good for patients who lose their vigor and students who get tired easily.
  • Effective in lowering viscosity of and resisting the coagulation of blood
  • Contains abundant beta-carotene compound that fights cancer.
  • Helps with quick excretion of waste from the body.
  • Helps with fatigue recovery.
  • Helps relieve hangovers.


│ How to choose a good melon │

  • A melon that has uniform and good looking nets.
  • A melon that has small trace of blossoming (a hollow at the bottom of a fruit)
  • A melon that has clear color and gloss.
  • A melon that has unique heavy fragrance.
  • A melon with a elastic surface
  • A melon that weighs more than others of same size.

 │ How to eat melons│ 

Instead of eating right away, you can enjoy a deeper taste when you take it after afterripening.

  • Afterripen a melon in room temperature under a shade.
  • Afterripen a melon for 2 to 3 days in the summer.
  • Afterripen a melon for 4 to 5 days in the winter.
    - Refrigerate it for 2 to 3 hours before eating.


 │ Specification│ 

  • Size : 2kg(8kg/4EA)
  • Expiration Date: 7~10 days
  • Preservation Method : Keep in a cool place away from sunlight
  • # of Product per Box : 3EA․4EA·5EA·6EA / Box
  • Certification : GAP


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Gokseong Melon -Melon Village-

Gokseong Melon -Melon Village-